Master Bathroom Cabinets; Drawer Faces and Doors

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Still working on stuff.

Playing with stains; left side is 1/2 cherry ply, right is cherry wood. Bottom has a maple gel stain, top has pennsylvania cherry gel stain.


Cutting all the face pieces to 1 5/8″:


1/2″ wide groove in the center of the 3/4″ piece of wood:


I then put a 45 on the inside, and a V groove with the router table 1/2″ from the outside:


I tanned the boards outside for about ~5-10 minutes to get them a little brown before gluing up. The inside cherry ply is still a little pinker.

It was tricky gluing them together to keep the miters straight; the first two were a bit off, so I just screwed a jig to my table and all the rest were dead straight:


The big cabinet door:


The 45’s have no spline or support; I will probably need to cut some slots and miter in a spline to make them stronger.

Here’s a few of the small drawer faces:


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