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Bathroom cabinets; drawer faces and doors

Still working on stuff. Playing with stains; left side is 1/2 cherry ply, right is cherry wood. Bottom has a maple gel stain, top has pennsylvania cherry gel stain. Cutting all the face pieces to 1 5/8″: 1/2″ wide groove in the center of the 3/4″ piece of wood: I then put a 45 on the inside, and a V groove with the router table 1/2″ from the outside: I tanned the boards outside for about ~5-10 minutes to get them a little brown before gluing up. The inside cherry ply is still a little pinker. It was tricky gluing... [read more]

Bathroom cabinets – building drawers

My woodworking project continues! I planed a bunch of maple to 5/8″ thick my drawer thickness. I went with 5/8″ instead of 3/4″, since my top drawers should appear more “dainty” as they are small. I should have done 3/4″ for my larger bottom drawers, but it is too late for that decision. I used my Leigh dovetail jig to cut the dovetails: Since these drawers are small, I used 1/4″ maple ply (with a MDF core) for the bottom. My larger drawers will have 1/2″ ply bottoms. The larger drawers I had to biscuit joint smaller pieces of wood... [read more]

Good Times!

A local weekly newspaper in Santa Cruz, The Good Times, did an awesome article on my VW bug and myself. Check it out here: The Plug Bug and Corbin Dunn.

Circus Work

I recently met up with Gregangelo from Velocity Circus! I’m going to be doing some circus work with him, which is super-exciting. Gregangelo has some of the most awesome costumes. Here’s when I was a jelly fish in monterey (I’m in blue, Elliot is in purple, and Tera is in orange). I look a little fruity but it was a lot of fun! Pictures Courtesy of Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Elliot did some awesome makeup for me:

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