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BMS Display part 4 – graph

I updated my BMS display software to actually respond to the buttons I have. Now I have another screen of data, graphing each cell. The graph goes from 2.0v at the bottom to 4.0v at... [read more]
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How to make an Elithion BMS Display

Here is directions to make your own Elithion BMS Display. Use at your own risk! Parts required: Arduino UNO – (the Leonardo will NOT work) – ~$30 Sparkfun CAN Bus shield– $45 Adafruit proto shield... [read more]
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Elithion BMS Display – part 3 pictures

Elithion BMS Display in my car, showing the basic features (State of Charge, amps out or in, pack voltage, min/avg/max cell voltage): Notice there are 5 buttons below; those will be wired up to the... [read more]
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Elithion BMS Display – part 2

I did a lot of work on my display and now it is working! If anyone else is interested in the code, it is all at Good information to learn more about CAN bus... [read more]
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Plug Bug: Charger Control Updates

I made some updates to my charger control project. I discovered my EVSE didn’t like the way I was testing for the proximity switch on the plug latch to be closed. Whenever the Arduino was... [read more]
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Elithion BMS Display – part 1

I want a better BMS display for my car. I have the Elithion BMS “Pro“, which has worked pretty well in my conversion. Sometimes it gives faults earlier than I would want, and sometimes I’ve... [read more]
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EV Converstions and white Clean Air Stickers

In California, EVs can get a clean air sticker and the right to use the carpool lane while solo (also called the High Occupancy Vehicle lane, or HOV). I love the fact that California is... [read more]
Electric Bug

Electric Bug: Charger Control – Design

Based on my requirements, I made some hardware the will more intelligently control my Manzanita charger. It is powered by an Arduino, and has a little LCD to tell me what is going on and... [read more]
Electric Bug

Electric Bug: Charger Control – What I want

I’m using the Manzanita Micro PFC-30 charger to charge my car. It basically has technology from 10 years ago, and drastically needs some updates. Now, they are slowly updating the charger, but it still doesn’t... [read more]
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Photography: Venice Sunlight

Venice Sunlight

More old car work!

I had to do some work on the Electric Bug lately. I replaced the right rear wheel bearing (I did the left a while ago). It was starting to get sloppy. My steering box was... [read more]
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