EV Converstions and white Clean Air Stickers

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In California, EVs can get a clean air sticker and the right to use the carpool lane while solo (also called the High Occupancy Vehicle lane, or HOV). I love the fact that California is promoting clean energy.


Apparently the DMV has stopped giving out the white stickers to DIY conversions (based on this post from mr2ev.com)! I think I got really lucky in getting mine. One thing to note from this page on the DMV Website:

12. Q: I want to convert my gasoline powered vehicle to a qualifying fuel type so I can qualify for CAV decals. What are the requirements?

A: Contact ARB prior to conversion to determine if converting your vehicle is possible and follows current law. For more information visit ARB or call 1-800-242-4450.You must obtain a certification from ARB if your vehicle’s motive power was changed as a result of an aftermarket conversion (e.g., gasoline to electric). A copy of the ARB certification letter must be attached to the CAV decal application

So, apparently it might be possible to do so, if you follow the right steps.

We should encourage them to allow more home-brew EV conversions. If you have a conversion, please contact: Ms. Shobna Sahni, (626) 450-6104, ssahni@arb.ca.gov.


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