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Jim on the Golden Gate

Jim on the Golden Gate San Francisco, California. September 2011.

Photography: Aaron and Mike

Aaron and Mike September 11, 2011. San Francisco, California

Plug Bug: Glamor Shots

A few pictures taken last weekend on West Cliff, Santa Cruz, California.

Photography: Jim’s Feet

Jim’s Feet September 11, 2011. San Francisco, California

Garden 2011

In this year’s garden I planted a bunch of stuff. It was going great this year, since I installed a drip system. Unfortunately while I was at burning man, the deer discovered how to hop into the garden and eventually (mainly the week I was here) managed to mow down anything that was left of it. Oh was at the end of the ropes for the garden, but I was a little sad that they destroyed my luscious tomatoes before I got any. Carrots were a major success this year, and I still have a lot of them hiding... [read more]

Freddy’s Deli

On the Unicycle Tour of San Francisco. More pictures and details about the ride later. Freddy’s Deli

Aerial Cube version 2.0

A few weeks before Burning Man, I made another Aerial Cube. This time I used 1.5″ tubing, and it turned out better than the first one. The previous cube was 1″ tubing, which was a little to harsh on the body when you leaned on it. This cube feels much “softer” and people are less prone to getting bruised on it. Literally minutes after I was done with it, Taylor and Kat hopped on it and started playing around. I brought it to Burning Man for Circus Boot Camp, and it was also a big hit — people loved playing... [read more]

Burning Man (part 2)

Some more stuff! I forgot I had a few pictures on my iPhone. The temple burn: This was really cool. The temple was this massive fire, and the updraft would carry about 2’x2′ pieces of burning plywood up into the air and drop it down on the ground right beside me. Looking backwards from the burn at the night sky you could see all the embers floating down to earth like little slow moving falling stars. It was totally amazing. Here’s a close up (at home) of my top hat and glasses before I left.

Burning Man 2011

I hadn’t been to Burning Man in 5 years or so and really wanted to go back. Previously, I would camp with Pancake Playhouse (which was a total blast), but this year I thought I would start a “unicycle camp”. It turns out there wasn’t enough interest in it, and a bunch of my friends had a “Circus Boot Camp” they were thinking of doing again. So, I joined forces with them and we had an awesome time teaching people various circus skills on the playa. I initially thought I would take a ton of pictures, but in the end... [read more]

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