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Plug Bug: Walk Around

Here’s a video of a walk around I did describing some of the car’s elements. I fumbled on “contactor” :)

Plug Bug: Paint Booth

Here’s an old video tour of my paint booth when I painted the bug earlier last year:

Plug Bug: First Drive

I have a lot more details later, but here it is!

Plug Bug: Battery Bus Bars

There needs to be a way to connect one 3.2v Thundersky battery to another to form the battery pack. I’ll have a total of 48 cells in two separate packs. Apparently some batteries come with interconnects, and others don’t. Evolve Electrics sells them separate for $4.50 each. Multiply it by 42 (the last two don’t need a connection as it will be connected via 2/0 wire) and you get $189. In addition, they may not be quite the right size that I needed, as I was planning on a crazy configuration. So, I was going to have to make some... [read more]

Charger mounted, BMS install in progress

I’ve been working hard on the car, but progress has been slow. I was missing some BMS boards — I should have counted them 6 months ago! So, I had Justin and Evolve overnight them to me so I could work on the car last weekend. I was hoping to get it running and charged, but it takes quite a while to do all the wiring. The Elithion Lithiumate BMS is quite complex, and it has been fun learning it. So far, the BMS has been the trickiest part of the car to put together, and I’m not quite done... [read more]

Plug Bug: Batteries

How about just some pictures?

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