Plug Bug: First Drive

Electric Bug

I have a lot more details later, but here it is!


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Looks like it needs more front spring to take care of the added battery weight up front.


It looks sweet! You should record some massive capacitors charging up, and play that as your "engine start" noise. Zaweeeee!


Mike — yeah! The front end has an adjustable beam. After that short drive I took the front end apart and adjusted it up all the way. Now it sits a bit higher, but still low on the shocks. I think I may get some beefier front suspension, and new rear shocks (one squeeks).

GBickford – YEAH! It’s going to make the “jetsons” car sound when I’m really done with it.

Darin Jordan


Looks like a fun project… a LOT of fun. You may not be able to get what you need out of the stock torsion bars just by adjusting them up. The spring rates may still be too soft. Shocks weren’t designed to handle that much weight either. Once you get to the point where you want to update the suspension, you may want to look into getting some bits and pieces from one of the Baja or performance VW suppliers. I did a quick search and found one example that has some cool parts, just as an example: (never done any business with them. Just a sample).

I’ve never worked with a VW, aside from helping a friend totally Baja-ize one once, but I raced cars for years and have a firm background in engineering car suspensions, so if you need any non-VW specific advice, have your Dad send you my cell number. I’d be happy to see if I could give you some directions to consider.

Again, fun project. Great job!


Mike wilson

Very envious of your success. Congratulations!


Nick Hodges

Hey, congratulations, Corbin! I’ve followed this project with great interest — awesome work.

tina juarez

CONGRATULATIONS!! I can’t see the VDO until I have time to go to a wifi bar but I know the feeling..My first left turn was a whip around but after adding a sway-away torsion bar it was more stable..I shoulda readjusted it after about 5 year as it sags a bit if the tire aren’t fully filled. – its a ’68 type 3

Dave Merrill

Good to see that it can do reverse as well as forward!

It would be great if you had several different engine noises that you could select between — you could have the VW engine sound (like using the classic ring for your iPhone), as well as a Jetsons one, some giant truck, and any others. A little dial on the dash or something on your iPad could select between them.


Looking forward the next tests.

BTW, I’ve been wondering this for a while: when you build your own car, how does it work from an insurance point of view? Do you have to pass some tests with the car?


View my blog site at bm tech.


insure that thing for what it’s worth. Its no fun when you get a 500 dollar check and a salvage title because some dummy rear-ended you.

Jules Britschgi

Ok so I am thinking about removing my website from Tumbler and get it to a WordPress blog. I think this is a wordpress site right? If it is, may I ask where you got the theme? Thanks a bunch!

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