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Ride the Lobster Unicycle Race: It’s over!

Well, Louise and I had a great week riding our unicycles at a maddening pace throughout Nova Scotia. Final results are here: My team, Texacali, placed third overall! (out of 35 teams). I’m quite amazed as we didn’t set out to really be competitive. I was figuring it would be cool to be in the top 10, but to make it to third was just amazing. A big thanks goes out to my teammates, AJ and Kevin, and a huge thanks to our support person, Sondra, who we couldn’t have done it without. I also ended up getting second... [read more]

Ride the lobster unicycle race: Stage 1 done!

We finished the first 200km! It was pretty tough. Amazingly enough, my team, TexaCali, is in third place! We probably exerted too much energy today, but it was pretty fun. For a while at the start, I was even leading! It was a cool experience to be out in front of 35 other teams. The current top five teams: The German Speeders (insanely fast riders all on geared 36’ers), Team NZ (New Zealanders), who did an amazing pace mostly on ungeared unicycles, team TexaCali (one geared 36, one geared 29’er, one ungeared 36’er). Next was team Personal Roller Coaster —... [read more]

Ride the Lobster – Unicycle race in Canada next week

Next week my team (TexaCali) will be participating in the “Ride the Lobster” unicycle race in Nova Scotia, Canada. Check out the website: And visit the results page to see how we do:

The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy

An amazing new Treehouse by Peter Nelson. [From The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy]

WWDC 2008

WWDC 2008! Howdy to my fellow Cocoa Developers. Take a look at the conference schedule: and be sure to come to my talk! Tuesday at 10:30 AM, iPhone for Mac Developers. If you have *any* Cocoa questions, come to the Cocoa labs! I’ll be working the labs this week, so find me (or any of the other great apple engineers) and ask questions! Edit: if you go to: you can see a picture of me from last year — I have the Leopard print hair:

A few good pictures From the UCSC Arboretum, taken yesterday. An HDR shot of a bee; the image was generated from a single RAW exposure, mainly to increase some details that you couldn’t see with the original photograph. An HDR generated from three exposures, and my wide angle lens: A regular image, touched up in Aperture slightly, taken with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens: An HDR from three exposures using the 70-200mm lens. The non-HDR looked pretty good, but the right side was slightly over exposed from the sun, and the background was pure black. The HDR combination fills out those areas, and prevents... [read more]

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