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Unicycle ride log, entry 15, May 20, 2008

Ride: Home to work. RTL training ride. I finally fixed my cycle computer to be more accurate.

Time: 6:35 to 8:05?

Riding Time:


Average Speed:

Max Speed: 26.2 mph (that can’t be right, but I reset it before the ride)


Notes: I’m still pretty slow….my legs were a scosh sore from Sunday’s ride. I felt like I was riding slower because of that. I hit a lot of red lights on the way to work.


Ride: Work to home. RTL training ride.

Time: 5:15? – 7:00?

Riding Time: 1:44’42 (cycle computer)

Distance: 20.28 miles

Average Speed: 11.6 (slow!) I think I was averaging 13.x before I hit the hill. I also hit a lot of stop lights

Max Speed: 22.4

ODO: 951.3 miles

Notes: Ate frozen yogurt at 4pm. Ate one bar at the start of the Los gatos creek trail (before the dirt park). Did a stupid shift-fall when up shifting. I thought I was done with those! I kept it in the high gear more often on the climb up when compared to prior rides. I feel pretty good tonight, despite having done 40 miles today.

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