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Maker Faire 2008

I’m am super pleased that I will be attending this years Maker Faire. The Maker Faire consists of a lot of DIY’ers showing off their stuff and giving lessons on how to make cool things. Some people have called it akin to Burning Man without all the dirt, dust, camping and nudity. I’ll actually be participating! On Saturday, at about 5pm, I will be in the fashion show. There will be several unicyclists strutting off some of the stuff that sewing mistress Ashley Foster has created from recycled materials. Look for Louise and myself towards the end on 20″ unicycles... [read more]

My first instrucable

…how I made my uni rack:

UniRack – Unicycle Rack for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

I present the UniRack a Unicycle Rack for my Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle. With a KH 20 on the back: It is handmade from an old bicycle with oxy-acetylene (torch) welding. It supports a 20″ or a 24″ unicycle. Here it is sporting the KH 24 mountain unicycle: View the gallery of unicycle rack images on my picasa web albums. ————————– Construction process: Start out with an old bicycle frame: An important step is to remove the paint from the steel before welding to produce a cleaner weld, and to not emit toxic burning paint fumes into the air (plus,... [read more]

Piper the Kitten

Louise got me a kitten for my birthday! She is a Siamese with a Siamese manx dad, and a Siamese polydactyl mom (six fingers and six claws per hand). A full Picasa album of pictures. The six fingers: Cutest kitten ever!

Unicycle ride log, entry 8, April 24, 2008

Unicycle ride log, entry 8 Ride: Reservoir ride from Nathan’s house. Corbin, Eric, Nathan. google maps Date: April 24, 2008 Time: 8:00 AM – 9 AM Riding Time: 1:00 Distance: 12.5 miles Average Speed: 12.5 mph (riding, nonstop) Max speed: 24.1 mph Route: Nathan’s house, down Los Gatos, Los gatos creek trail paralleling freeway, around reservoir, and back to Nathan’s. Training ride for RTL. KH geared 36’er.

Unicycle Ride Log, April 22, 2008 (afternoon)

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 7 – April 22, 2008 – afternoon Ride: Earth day ride! Ride from work back to home. The path: Corbin’s house to work. Time: 5:10pm to 6:57 Riding Time: 1:52’58(cycle computer), little less than 2 hours total by my watch. Distance: 20.84 miles Average Speed: 11.0 mph Max Speed: 22.0 mph (holy crap) ODO: 630.0 miles Notes: 150mm crank holes. Geared nimbus 36 with KH hub. As I anticipated, the ride back was slower, but not twice as long. I rode along Sunnyvale-Saratoga Rd in 1:1.5, only shifting at stop lights. It was definitely tougher than... [read more]

Unicycle Ride Log, April 22, 2008

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 6 – April 22, 2008 Ride: Earth day ride! Ride from home to work (Los Gatos to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA). Time: 6:32 to 8:07 Riding Time: 1:33’06 (cycle computer), 1:35 minutes by my watch Distance: 20.77 miles Average Speed: 13.3 mph Max Speed: 26.0 mph (holy crap) ODO: 609.1 miles Notes: 150mm crank holes. Geared nimbus 36 with KH hub. The uphill from my house is steel, and it took 25 minutes to go 2.2 miles. Then, down Old Santa Cruz Highway I was cruising at 19-20 mph on the straights and slowing down... [read more]

Unicycle Ride log, April 20, 2008

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 5 – April 20, 2008 Ride: Geoff’s 12th annual birthday ride, Crystal Springs reservoir through woodside and portola valley, to Ladera and back. Time: 9:15-2pm (ish) Riding Time: long. Distance: 50 km Average Speed: ? Max Speed: 24.9 mph (seriously) ODO: ? Notes: The geared unicycle is way cool. 150mm crank holes. geared nimbus 36 with KH hub. In the high gear for the majority of the time. It was totally fun to hang out with everyone and ride. Pictures from Tom W.: Tom’s Ladera Pictures on Flickr

Unicycle ride log, April 19, 2008

I’ve missed some ride log days, but here’s a new one. Unicycle Ride Log Entry 4 – April 19, 2008 Ride: Bottom of highway 9, up UCON down Sick and Twisted. Geared 36’er. Date: April 19, 2008 Time: 11:30-12:20 (ish) Riding Time: 0:58 Distance: ? miles (forgot to look) Average Speed: ? Max Speed: 16 or 17 mph (off road) ODO: ? Notes: Mostly in 1-1, except on the fireroad, when I could blast in the high gear.

Peter Nelson’s Treehouse Blog

I just ran across a great blog, Peter Nelson’s The Treehouse Guy. He wrote several great treehouse books, some of which were the inspiration to make my own treehouse.

Tender Ground

Friday and Saturday night Louise was in a performance in San Francisco called Tender Ground at Counter Pulse. It was super cool! I wish we would have got our act together and filmed it, but unfortunately we mailed all our video tapes off to someone to make a unicycle video.

WordPress 2.5 upgrade

Ah, okay! It looks like WordPress 2.5 is good to go.

Unicycle “fun” ride – “Scalisis’s Death Ride” – geared 36″ unicycle.

Last Saturday we did “Scalisis’s Death Ride” — a 57 mile ride with 5000’ish feet of climbing. We started at Tom Holub’s house, rode 30’ish miles to the base of Mount Diablo, and then climbed to the top of Mt Diablo (3,849′). The ride started out with six people, but it ended up with just three of us on geared unicycles. Tom on his geared KH 29’er, Mike on his geared Nimbus 36’er with the older Schlumpf road hub and myself on my geared 36’er with the KH Schlumpf hub. This was the first long distance ride on my Nimbus... [read more]

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