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Well, we finally got some carpet put in, and it has been great! Take a look on picasa: Hutchinson – before and after carpet

Petsmart secrets!

I have some pet fish, and I recently needed a new filter for my new tank setup (pictures to follow some day). So, I went to Petsmart and found a good one for my tank size: Rena FilStar xP3 Canister Filter. Only $179 at petsmart. But, that is expensive! So I did a quick web search and found it online selling at for $105:….. So, I asked the salesman, and he said they will match the online price if I bring in a printout. So, I went to work, printed out the page, and saved $75! But then... [read more]

Get smart!!!

In 2008, smart USA will be importing smart cars! I can’t wait. We need smaller, more energy efficient cars in America. Reserve your smart car. I did already, and I can’t wait to get one! I’ll probably quit driving (or sell) my Subaru WRX STi. I can get 19-22 MPG by being gentle on the pedal, but the smart is projected to get 40 MPG! That’s great for a non-hybrid. Help America reduce our dependance on foreign oil.

A greener apple

I’m an advocate for greener companies, and I’m happy to announce that the company I work for is striving for greener technology: Spread the word.

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