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Archive for February, 2007

Custom Bunny Cage

Here is a Picasa Album set of images for a new bunny cage I built a few weeks ago: (click on it to see the images): Custom Bunny Cage

Mac OS X tip: Apps in your Finder Toolbar!

Here is a very cool tip that I discovered from one of hour HI guys. You can put apps in your toolbar! For instance, I frequently drag files to TextEdit to open them. Having them in the toolbar is handy in case they aren’t in the Dock or I don’t want to drag too far: To do this, right click on your toolbar (or ctrl-click if you don’t have a Mighty Mouse) and select “Customize Toolbar…”. Now, here is the trick; open up another Finder window and browse to the apps that you want to add to the toolbar. Simply... [read more]

More cool electric cars

Zap! is making e’s: Only $59k….ouch! That’s pricey, but i want one.

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