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Project Hutchinson: Window sills!

We now have nice window sills. I made them out of a long piece of Douglas fir that I got from Southern Lumber in San Jose. All the wood was expensive, but it looks great.... [read more]
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Project Hutchinson: Septic trouble

Well! Louise and I were unable to use the water in our house for about two weeks. We had trouble with the septic tank; it was backing up somewhere from the cleanout by the house... [read more]
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All the cool cars are electric

I like electric cars. Oh wait; I should use the term “EV” since it is what all the cool kids say. And, if you aren’t in the know, EV is short for “electric vehicle”. Now,... [read more]

Unicycling: Pedal review

I’ve had many horrible experiences with pedals. After my latest set of pedals pulled out, I decided to start recording my experiences for the benefit of others. I’ll go through them in the order I... [read more]
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