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Project Hutchinson: The tiles. The doors. The windows. Still to come: More work.

We got all the tiles up! here are some of the last of em: I’ve been having working on finishing our new doors. We bought three Simpson brand doors from San Lorenzo Lumber, in Santa Cruz. Two are large french doors that will be the main entrance, and the other is a single french door that will be for the side of the house (along the same wall). They come unfinished and are fir. Here you can see the doors; I pulled them out of the frame to finish them. Here is a picture of our new main front door;... [read more]

Project Hutchinson. Progress…

I posted a series of more photos on picasa. Hutchinson Progress 2

For Sale: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32

My friend is selling is car, check it out: Google Base: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 Contact me or Tom in the ad for more info. It is a great car, and Tom REALLY takes care of his stuff, so it is in super excellent shape.

Project Hutchinson: Driveway.

Project Hutchinson has moved forward. I now have a driveway! Check out all the pictures. Here you can see the driveway, along with the wall that Louise and I built. here’s another picture of the wall. Behind it, you can see the mini-wall that Louise built all by herself! To tell you the truth, she did most of the building of the main wall too. I did a lot of the digging and manual setup labor. Finally, here is a picture of the retaining wall, which is waiting for county permits before I get it poured: Technorati Tags: Remodeling

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