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People! Use your keyboard (shortcuts) for menus.

Mac OS X has some GREAT keyboard access. One spectacular thing is the ability to access all items (unlike windows, where you have to have a defined shortcut for each item, and you easily run... [read more]
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Xcode tips and tricks — fast method finding

Inside of Xcode, I’ll want to quickly go to a method implementation. If you hit Cmd-F and do a find for the method name (or the start of it), you will frequently get hits for... [read more]
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New home!

I now own a house in Los Gatos, California! Pictures here. I’ll be doing a lot of remodeling work for the next, oh, um…several years. 4.5 acres off of Hutchinson road. I’m SUPER excited! My... [read more]
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It was bound to happen. It finally happened. My blog has started to get spam. So, based on Bill’s Success of using Akismet, I installed it in my WordPress plugins and it is now happily... [read more]

Mail tip of the day

In Mail, I frequently want to go to the first or last message in my list. On windows, the home and end keys work well for this. On MacOS, they don’t work in NSTableView/NSOutlineView by... [read more]
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NSOutlineView: reloadData and crashes in reloadData

A note to NSOutlineView Cocoa programmers: It has never been safe to call reloadData while an outlineView is doing a reloadData. What the heck does that mean? Well, if you call reloadData, a whole bunch... [read more]
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