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Archive for June, 2006

New blog layout

I didn’t like the default layout, so I did what most people do and stole someone else’s and modified it to suite me. I took mine from another apple guy, Bill Bumgarner, aka bbum. Thanks Bill!

WWDC: Beyond Buttons and Sliders: Complex Controls in Cocoa

Come to WWDC this year! I’ll be giving a great talk on advanced control and cell creation with Cocoa: 120 Beyond Buttons and Sliders: Complex Controls in Cocoa Learn how you can quickly and efficiently create sophisticated Cocoa user interface elements for your application. Get practical guidance on how to extend Cocoa control objects like the table view and outline view using your own custom cells, and how to customize menus in a variety of ways. Copied from: WWDC 2006 – Session Descriptions

100k on a Unicycle – Strawberry Fields Forever

100k on a Unicycle – Strawberry Fields Forever. Here are some pictures from Nathan: Nathan Hoover photo galleries – powered by smugmug. I’m in the last 4 photos wearing a red shirt. Daniel, Corbin and Beau (photo by nathan hoover).

Watch me age with Photo Booth

With Photo Booth, and my camera on my iMac, I take a picture of myself almost every day at work: It is kind of neat to document yourself. After I get a few years worth of pictures, it will be interesting to look back upon myself.

Elephant’s Dream

How cool! An open movie made with open source graphics software. Check it out: Elephents Dream Download page.

UCSB Unicycling

YouTube: some of my buddies down souther. Or visit:

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