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Drag and Drop in an NSTableView

Drag and Drop in an NSTableView is easy to do. However, I think the documentation (Table Views: Using Drag and Drop in Tables) for it isn’t particularly great. It misses a few points, so I’m... [read more]
Cocoa, General

Dynamically populating an NSPopUpButtonCell in an NSTableView

It is quite common. You have a PopUpButton (NSPopUpButtonCell) in an NSTableView and you want to dynamically change the contents based on the selected row: How do you do this? There are a few tricky... [read more]
Cocoa, General

Delphi easter eggs

I can’t believe people found out about the Kitchen sink! I did write that silly easter egg.
General, Other Stuff

Discovery HD — Weird Homes

Hi All, Someone just emailed me saying they saw the episode of “Weird Homes” with me in it. It appears to be airing right now! Discovery HD Theater channel. here’s info: Cool, huh! I’m... [read more]
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