Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail by Unicycle: Day 3, The Unicycle Savior

April 2, 2017  Snakes in the bed!  I tend to have a reoccurring dream that there is a snake somewhere in my bed. I’ll be sleeping and all of a sudden start tearing covers off... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 2, Into the White

It Saturday, April 1, 2017 We woke up to no wind, calm skies and a slight overcast. This should be the recipe for a good day in Arizona, right? Well, think again… Jamey, Rebekka and... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 1, The Mountain Lion

March 31, 2017 The Mountain Lion  This isn’t what you are thinking. Well, I hope you are thinking about a unicyclist getting chased by a mountain lion on some tiny dirt trails, frantically waving their... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle

I’m in the process of preparing for my next big trip: The Arizona Trail on Unicycle. The Arizona Trail splits the state almost in half with an 800 mile vertical line from Mexico all the way... [read more]

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