With the advent of the iPhone, everyone has become a photographer. The camera you have with you is frequently the best camera. But since 2005 I’ve been lugging around a DSLR.

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Macro lens work in Spain

My macro lens is very cool. Here is a picture of a ceiling at some outdoor plaza area in Seville, Spain: The ceiling was some 40 feet (or so it seemed) away from me, yet... [read more]
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I must be obsessed with my camera

Here is one more picture. Okay, maybe two. “Wine Bottle Study” Shutter: 1/1. Aperture: f 13.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600. Flash: off. Aperture Priority. Shutter: 1/60. Aperture: f 4.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600.... [read more]
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Macro lens

I got a macro lens. It is great, and I love it! Here is my favorite picture so far: Can you guess why?
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I like flowers. They represent something very beautiful, and serenity.
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A few pictures

A few pictures from last weekend are here. I need to fix my gallery so the others show up…stupid ImageMagic is failing to resize them!
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