Video: Timber Frame Woodshed – Learning & Building

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My last post I put up the plans for my timber frame shed – they are super generic and the minimal information I needed to build the wood shed. Here’s a complete video on the process of how I learned to timber frame, DIY style.

I mention it in the video description, but I found these two books essential — especially Beamer’s book:

If you have a 3D printer, then download the STL that I designed for a Borneman Layout Guide. These are really handy for laying out the lines and joinery. I’d love one in metal, but the cost was a bit too much for me to swallow for one build.

This was my first timber frame project, and I had to buy some essential tools. Here is what I purchased just to do this DIY structure:

Feel free to ask questions, here or on the video comments!

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Thank you for this posting. I have no experience with 3D printing. Are there services that would print this for me? Do you have to “glue” the overhang part of the tool to the plate? Are the numerals etched into the material?

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