Epoxy Business Cards for the Redwood Monkey Workshop


I thought it would be fun to make some business cards for my epoxy woodworking by using epoxy and wood! (That was a mouthful!) And a quick plug: Redwood Monkey Workshop

Redwood Monkey Business Cards



These started out as normal epoxy pours with some small chunks of wood tossed in them. Here they are out of the mold:

making epoxy business cards


I wish I would have put more of the white pigment into the pour. It looked good at this thickness, but after I thinned them down they lost a lot of the opaqueness, and looked a bit more transparent than I was originally shooting for.

I clamped one side down, machined it flat with my CNC machine and flipped it over. I then used the “blue tape and CA glue” technique to attach it to my work table so I could bring it down to final card thickness:

Making epoxy business cards with a Tormach CNC / PCNC 1100


I didn’t take any photos of the engraving process, but I just did a quick design in Illustrator and exported it to Fusion 360. I then used an engraving bit to do the etching. A quick coat of black spray paint to fill it in:

epoxy business card spray painted black



Then I sanded that off, did some rough polishing, and was left with a pretty nice little card! Here’s a shot before I put some finishing oil on:

epoxy business card before oil


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