Plug Bug: Home J1772 EVSE Charging Station

Electric Bug

I now have a J1772 EVSE Charging Station at home. My friend Ken Adelman gave me an old Avcon charger that he had saved from the dumpster. I bought a J1772 plug from and wired it up.


Here’s the inside of it. The board was a little loose, so I glued it down. I unplugged the 3 inlet wires; red and black are 120v each, and the green is ground. I then screwed in plug’s wires to the terminal screws and attached the low voltage signal wire to the spot where it said to do it.


It all works great!


The next thing I’m trying to get done is some smarts for the car. I want it to watch for the pilot and proximity signal from the J1772 plug and safely turn off the charger. It is much better than my current approach, which is to turn down the charger’s amperage if it is in the middle of charging. Instead, I can have a control board and Arduino do this when it senses the proximity switch being engaged. So far, I have it all working and prototyped and need to just mount it in the car. It also has the ability to control the charger and BMS via a timer.


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