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Today when I went to grab my car at lunch I discovered that the Manzanita Micro PFC-30 charger wasn’t charging. I looked at it, and the BMS (Battery Management System) also wasn’t on. The BMS is turned on along with the charger when I plug it into an outlet. So, I realized the 50 amp / 240VAC circuit breaker must have tripped. I plugged the car into another nearby 50 amp circuit, since I couldn’t reset the breaker and there was another charging station right next to where I was. The BMS came on, but the charger wasn’t charging. It also had flipped its little breaker on the charger (also known as the power switch), so I flipped it back on, and it went “pop” as it immediately flipped back off . It also tripped the 50 amp main breaker on that outlet too. Ah, bummer!

So I emailed Evolve Electrics and Justin is having me mail the charger back to Manzanita. I have followed the instructions to the T, so I’m hoping it is covered by warranty. I’m also quite curious as to what is wrong, since I’ve charged the same way nearly every day.

I also took a look at the BMS stats; 812 kWh have been put into the battery pack. I think the BMS got reset once when I had it upgraded.

Hopefully I remember how to pump gas!

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