Plug Bug: Wires and Hoses

Electric Bug

More progress tonight. Here’s aluminum L angle pieces to mount the radiator on. I slotted the car with a 4.5″ angle grinder (plus a cut off wheel) to keep the L shape and make the mount stronger. Then there are stainless steel bolts to hold it together. The last one is only supported by one bolt, but it seems quite sturdy with all three supports:


The reservoir tank with the pump mounted underneath. I later shortened the hose a bit:


Mounted. The two mounting holes are also SS bolts since the back is exposed to the elements. The two are between the tank and the pump:


Wire routing details. The wires are from left to right: Canbus (an Cat 6 ethernet cable) for the Interface Module, the throttle cable, the main cable — left half is stuff on the left and the right half is stuff on the right (the contactors):


All of it hooked up together for a nice tight package:


The bottom wires are a little close to the motor, but I don’t think it will matter. If it becomes an issue (due to heat), I can move the whole controller up a bit.

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