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Electric Bug

General Tips on Restoration

Classic VW Bugs – http://www.classicvwbugs.com/restotips.htm – Lots of videos on how to do various restoration items.. This is where I first learned how to install windshield, and he gave a great tip on using weed whacker wire.

The BugShop: Project ’57 – http://www.thebugshop.org/goresto.htm – Lots of general tips as someone restored their bug.

Online Stores

California Import Parts (cip1)http://www2.cip1.com/ – Fairly cheap prices on parts, with free shipping on lots of small parts when you order over $100 worth of stuff. I bought most things through these guys. I would also call them up and ask them a few questions, and they were always quite helpful. Ironically located in Canada, despite the name. Sometimes you can fiend % off coupons on the web, or via email if you are on their mailing list.

California Pacific / JBugshttp://www.jbugs.com/ – Lots of great interior sets and parts. This is where I ordered my complete interior set from. I highly recommend their Interior Restoration video, as it was essential to my interior install. Located in California.

SoCal Importshttp://www.socalautoparts.com/ – Generally a little better prices, but the website is lacking a lot of information. This makes it difficult to really know what you are buying, unless you know exactly what you want. The pictures and textual descriptions on cip1 made me lean towards using them instead of SoCal Imports.

Coker Tire – http://store.cokertire.com/ – Whitewall tires. You can also buy them from CIP1, but they are more expensive from CIP1. Ironically, from Coker tires with CA tax and slightly higher shipping (from Fresno, which is obviously closer than Canada), the price came out to be identical to what I would have paid at CIP1.

Retail Stores Close to Home (Santa Cruz / San Jose, CA)

Bugformancehttp://bugformance.com/ – Super knowledgable and friendly staff. I bought a few miscellaneous parts from them, including a new windshield. I took my transmission in to possibly get it rebuild with a higher gear ratio, and the owner (Gary, if I recall right) recommended I just give it a try first.


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