Plug Bug: Battery Delay :(

Electric Bug

Well, the project’s batteries are going to be delayed. I checked up on the battery status, and it turns out there was a mishap with the order – Evolve Electrics goes through Alliance Batteries, which orders them from China. Something went wrong, and the right ones weren’t ordered, so I’ll be waiting 10 more weeks from them. That is going to set the project back a bit, but I still have a bit more restoration work I can do in the meantime.

Again, I’m getting 48 Thundersky 200Ah batteries: — definitely not cheap! The advantage of these cells is that they are the same size as the 160ah cells, but I haven’t seen a spec sheet that states the exact size, so I’m leery about building battery boxes for them without actually having the batteries on hand. Justin, from Evolve, checked with Alliance and said they are H 279mm(10.98″) W 182.04mm(7.17″) T 70.6mm(2.78″) — I’ll probably go off that info in building the boxes.

I’m also still waiting for my Netgain Controller and pedal. It should arrive soon – they were on backorder due to Netgain loosing a supplier for one of the parts in manufacturing them.


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