Unicycle ride: Mr Toads and Hole in the Ground

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Last weekend when my cat disappeared I was busy having fun doing some mountain unicycling. I might as well remember the good stuff.

Saturday a group of us rode Mr Toads Wild Ride as a 13’ish mile shuttle. I think it was my fourth time riding this trail (hopefully by writing it on my blog I can keep track better). Here’s some info here on singletracks about the ride. It is one of my all time favorite rides in California. It is very taxing on the body, and tough to ride all the way up. This was my first time riding it on the geared 24 mountain unicycle, and it was totally fun to blast past the easy stuff towards the end — nice and curvy with a few bumps and tough parts mixed in every now and again.

Nathan got a great video of me doing an epic crash:

It hurt a bit, and I ended up bending the neck of my frame about 10 degrees back. I also bent my handlebar! On the ride: Aaron, Jason, Nathan, Geoff F., Bevan and myself. We carpooled up in double priuses.

On Sunday we rode “Hole in the Ground”. Bevan captured a map with his iPhone 4.

Screen shot 2010-08-31 at 8.24.24 PM.png

It was about 13 miles, with lots of up and down. It feels as though you are climbing the whole time. This ride was epic; it started hailing, then turned to light rain, and later was snowing a bit. Nathan had a good fall and hurt his shoulder and fingers a bit. John Foss also came for the fun. This was my second time riding the trail; I rode it last year at muni weekend; both times on my geared 24.

This weekend I’ll be going to Vancouver for some more epic unicycling at the “VanUni” muni weekend.


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bummer about the frame Corbin, but dang, lucky your head landed in the dirt and not on rocks. Since you are ok, great to have it on video! :)

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