Plug Bug: With the hood

Electric Bug

I ordered the wrong seal for the hood, but I finally got the new one and stuck it on. The car is looking great! It looks really high in the rear since there is no engine or batteries in; those will make it sit lower. The front is lowered, but it will also sit lower when there is weight in it. Obviously I need to deal with the rims still..



CIP1 sent me two right hand tail light seals, so it took a while to get the other left side. They eventually got it to me (after accidentally sending another right seal), and were really great and helpful to work with (especially Megan who I owe a big thanks to for getting it straightened out).



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You need to figure out something cool to stick out where the tail pipes would be.

Joshua T.

maybe you should just shave the exhaust oulets flush since you dont need ’em anymore. It means re-painting that are though :(
I forget where the gas cap is on a bug? but you need to put the charger plug in it’s spot… otherwise I’d say throw the charging plug where the exhaust was.
Im a fan of the Cragar SS wheels, dont know if they make ’em w/ a vw bolt pattern though.

That 2 tone paint job looks stylin’.


Yeah! I initially thought about covering up the outlets, but I was starting to get tired of body work and wanted to move on with the project. The gas cap is on the top right fender – i’m going to put the plug there for sure!


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