Unicycle ride log, entry 9, May 6, 2008

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I rode to work again today. It was pretty easy going to work, but rather grueling coming home. I was pretty darn tired by the time I finally made it to my doorstep. My legs felt worn, and I was starving. Luckily, Louise is the best girlfriend ever, and said “Hey, I’m going to make us dinner. Give me 15 minutes!”. She was working in the garden and initially wanted me to work with her this evening. Riding made that not possible, but I didn’t want to let her down, so I stayed up last night and built a new planter box. I had to pull out the flood lights to dig in the dark, but I got it done!

Ride: Ride from home to work (Los Gatos to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA). The path: Corbin’s house to work.

Time: 6:34 to 8:06

Riding Time: 1:30’5 (cycle computer), 1:32 minutes by my watch. I hit two lights that may have added about 2 minutes of stopping time.

Distance: 20.88 miles

Average Speed: 13.7 mph

Max Speed: 24.3 mph

ODO: 666.4 miles

Notes: 150mm crank holes. Geared nimbus 36 with KH hub. The first 2.2 steep miles up from my house to the top of Summit Rd takes 20 minutes. Downhill is fast and fun. One dismount up the steep part of my hill (about 1 mile out), and one hop off at a stop light instead of hopping for a minute.


Ride: Ride from work to home.

Time: 5:20’ish – 7:25’ish (didn’t note the exact times)

Riding Time: 2:00’40 (cycle computer)

Distance: 20.83 miles

Average Speed: 10.3 mph

Max Speed: 23.1 mph

ODO: 687.3 miles

Notes: Totally grueling going up the hill. I need to get stronger. I ate one bar while going up the hill, and frozen yogurt at work before I left. I rode with a biker on the flat parts from Cupertino to Saratoga (Highway 9 turn off). I’m pretty sure he was going slower just to ride with me. We chatted a bit about unicycling. Best comment “I’d hate to see your grocery bill!” At least he realized that fixed gear unicycling takes a lot of energy.

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