Yet another way to make connections in Interface Builder (IB)

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Some of IB’s features aren’t readily apparent.

Most people know about the mode to switch from icon to text by clicking the icon in the lower right hand section seen in this image:

Bild 5

But, when you are in that mode, did you know you can make connections with the normal ctrl-drag?


Cool, huh! This can give you fine-grained control when it is sometimes hard to select certain items.


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Until I found that mode, it drove me crazy trying to connect a dataSource delegate from an NSTableView to my App Controller object instance in IB. I think the IB guys should override the ctrl-click handling, so that you can’t accidentally select the NSScrollView. That’s a frigging weirdo user interface if I ever saw one (drop an NSTableView onto your app, then try to drag from what you thought was one object, and find out it’s actually a couple embedded objects inside each other. totally weirded me out.)


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