Fixing the annoying focus stealing habit of Safari RSS feeds

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Safari RSS support is way cool. Except for the fact that after a page has loaded, the search field receives focus, causing the space bar to not scroll down a page at a time. I wanted to fix this…but how?

Well, I browsed to an RSS feed and viewed the source in Safari. I noticed this line:

<script language=JavaScript src=“feed:///__rsrc__/Articles.js”>

So, Safari uses some internal file called Articles.js. Now, where is it?

Well, I dropped down to a command prompt in Console, logged in as root (su’d) and typed:

nibroc:/Users/corbin/Desktop root# fs_usage -w -f filesys Safari | grep Articles.js


Okay! It is in some framework directory, A/Resources/Articles.js. But which one? Again, a simple command can reveal the secrets:

nibroc:/Users/corbin/Desktop root# otool -L /Applications/

Picture 4

Okay, it probably is SyndicationUI.framework or WebKit.framework. Which one?

nibroc:/Users/corbin/Desktop root# ls /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SyndicationUI.framework/Versions/A/Resources/

Picture 6

vi that file, search for focus, and comment out the offending line:

Picture 7

And we are done! No more focus stealing…


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