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Archive for May, 2018

Video: Trout farming in my living room

Trout farming in my living room - click through for the video!

Video: Rockville Hills MUNI – Crazy Mountain Unicycling on a 36″ wheel

Click through to watch the video.

How To: Add a backup camper to a 2012 Ford F-250 Truck

I recently got a used Lance truck camper to be put on my 2012 F250 long bed truck. The F-250 has it’s backup camera in the tailgate and puts the display inside the mirror. The camper I bought had a regular NTSC camera attached to it, and four random wires hanging off the edge. I wanted to get it to work with my truck’s stock rear view mirror display. Here is how to do it, and below are things I discovered that made it take a long time. You could use this same techniques with any off the shelf security... [read more]

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