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LED Cyr Wheel v3: Notes…on inserts

Okay! I discovered that 1.240” for an insert is too thick. I had to do several passes with a sanding disk to take them down a bit. I’d say 1.230 is more close to the accurate value; or maybe 1.235”. Somewhere around there.  The inserts are now all done, and drilled and tapped. I made nice jig for it (Pictures coming soon). I did a quick test spin in it, and this wheel’s inner diameter is my height + 3” + 3/16”x2 (for the tubing thickness), and it feels a bit big. But I’m used to spinning ons smaller wheels,... [read more]

LED Cyr Wheel v3: “rolling” the wheel

Fresh rolled wheel:   Marking off the circumference with a flexible tape measure: After cutting it into a 5 piece wheel: Some of the curves where a little under-bent, so I rolled a few through the bender again to get them aligned a little more to the template. Turning the 3/16” sidewall steel inserts (1.25” OD) down a bit. I went to 1.240”. I’ll see how well that works tomorrow…   .. the ’40 ford is watching me.    

LED Cyr Wheel v3: “Making Donuts”

“Making Donuts” is Bill Roberts, a “Cyr Smith” [term coined by Jesse], says when rolling cyr wheels.  So, I’m “making donuts” right now for my next wheel. This started by fixing up my harbor Freight rolling bender (it was already moved with the SWAG offload touch ups). The center bearing died when i last used it — too much pressure and rolling too quickly.  I also worked harder at aligning everything, and bolted it down outside: \\\ These pictures are more for me to just remember what I did:

LED Cyr Wheel v3: boards arrived

My boards arrived from OSH Park today. This will combine all the necessary cool stuff:   A few days ago I got my new LEDs (144 per meter). A month or so ago I ordered some more at 60 per meter, and decided to step it up for this next wheel! I got them direct from China via aliexpress.

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