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Making the LED Cyr Wheel / Roue Cyr – version 1

Here are my rough notes about making my LED cyr wheel (version 1). A Video can be seen here. Edit: 12/28/2013: Here are some problems I am having with this  LED Cyr Wheel v1 I... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel, Machining

Bathroom remodel: stain/finished

I’ve had this done a while…but here are some pictures of the bathroom cabinets and vanity. This is mainly for me to remember and look back on my blog and see what I did to... [read more]
Project Hutchinson

LED Cyr Wheel / Roue Cyr videos

Here are some videos of the LED Cyr wheel at Burning Man 2013 Spencer also put together a compilation of it here (with a Fire Cyr wheel and LED Unicycle!):
Circus/Cyr Wheel

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