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This is a late post…but oh well!

Well, late last winter I got a new fireplace. I did a design in sketch up and rendered it to get a good idea of what it would look like.

Fireplace Layout 2011-02-19 18533000000.jpg

It easily let me try out various materials and get a feel for it:

Fireplace Layout 2011-02-19 17542600000.jpg

I decided I didn’t like the red on the inside walls, so when I repainted it I went all white (and it looks much better!).

Here’s the old fireplace, which just looked horrendous:



I took it out with the help of beer and Aaron for some heavy lifting. I had to dismantle it all to get it out:


I did the drywall and installed some new windows (that open; the prior ones didn’t open at all and were frosted)

…but a contractor (Jon Arden) did the stone work and install.

The new fireplace, work in progress.


Then cleaned up:


One Response to “Fireplace”

  1. Mark Edington says:

    Cool. Thanks for sharing. Hey so what was wrong with the old fireplace that made you need to replace it? Also, did you relocate the heater register? We have a very similar setup here. We have granite slab for the hearth and I still haven’t decided on what I want around the actual fireplace.

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