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Tricycle From the back of Justin’s Shop (, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2010.

Plug Bug: iPad mount

It’s raining today but I did add a cool option to my car. The iPad mount! I was originally going to make my own mount, but that would take days of machining time and would... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: Electric Ceramic Heater

I got my heater installed; I can test the fan and make sure the contactor comes on, but heat won’t come out until I actually have my battery pack installed. I cut a hole on... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: Wiring…and more wiring

I’m still waiting for batteries, but i’m getting a lot of the little details done. The car could be drivable if I actually had a battery pack. I can turn on the key and hear... [read more]
Electric Bug

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