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It’s raining today but I did add a cool option to my car. The iPad mount! I was originally going to make my own mount, but that would take days of machining time and would not probably work all that great. I decided to search for options and quickly found Ram Mounts. I bought the basic iPad mount and the long arm (along with 2 balls) for $40 or $50 (I forget now). I figured out where I wanted it and drilled a few holes under the dash. I then mounted the ball end with 3 M5 cap head bolts that I had lying around and voila! In car navigation on a huge touch screen:



It moves around quite a bit and has a lot of position options.


Totally sweet! Now I can watch “Who Killed the Electric Car” while I drive my electric car.


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I can’t wait to go for a ride!


looks like a good spot – does it fold up and under when the iPad is off the mount?



yeah, it will fold up and can even sort of hide it when I push it underneath the dash (even with the iPad mounted)

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