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New DRO on the Mill

Back in April I bought a Anilam Wizard 411 DRO (Digital Read Out). My old one broke when Jason accidentally moved the X-axis too far (which was totally my fault — I should have checked the stops and made sure it wouldn’t happen). It wasn’t all that bad, as it gave me a reason to add the Z axis for the knee. So, I was about to buy the Grizzly 3 axis DRO (literally had it ordered) when I got a 20% off email from ENCO. That made the totally sweet Anilam almost the same price, so I cancelled the order and bought the nice one from ENCO.

I setup the X and Y a long time ago, but I finally got around to doing the Z. I needed to mill a little spacer block for it, and get some new longer screws. Now it is all together and works GREAT!



One Response to “New DRO on the Mill”

  1. Bronson says:

    That looks like a nice setup, I am thinking about upgrading to DRO again…

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