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Avenue of Baobabs and Unicycles

These pictures complement the Mad Uni video when we rode from Morandava, Madagascar to the Ave of Baobabs. Louise by a tree:    Corbin – Louise took a much better picture than mine

Madagascar Unicycling Pictures

We took a pirogue (a dugout canoe) from Isle aux Nattes (a tiny island, not even shown on google maps) to Isle Sainte-Marie, a larger island off the east coast of Madagascar. We then road around for about 20 miles one day, and 15 the second. Louise hanging out while I sit on the edge: Waiting for the rain to stop (free unicycle bath):

Unicycling Video: Mad Uni

Mad Uni – Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar July 26th, 2009 Featuring: Corbin Dunn and Louise Lovelle MPEG-4, 45.3 MB, 1:17 duration. Also available is a medium version 18.4 MB. This is pretty much the only footage I shot when we were in Madagascar. I concentrated on taking photos when in Madagascar, and filming when I was in east Africa. The video is footage of Louise and me riding from Morondova to the Avenue of Baobabs. It was about 20 miles total, with half of it in the dirt and half on pot-hole infested roads, roughly from the coast to the... [read more]

Brake assisted coasting

Brake assisted coasting is kind of cool. Especially when your feet are horizontal. Corbin, in Nairobi, Africa. A short clip of what I’m working on for my video of Africa.

Colorful Bug, Madagascar

At the Anja Preserve f/18, 1/100, ISO200, 200mm, Canon Digital Rebal XT, 70.0-200.0mm lens.

Old stuff: Zip line and treehouse finishing

Ah, some pictures and details I meant to post ages ago. Building stairs for the treehouse: Accessories for the zip line: And me installing it:

Metalworking: cufflinks

One of my first metalworking projects was making cufflinks for my wedding. They are aluminum and I turned them on the lathe, and used the mill for some drilling and flattening (by eye). The back piece screws on and off.

Avenue of Baobabs, Madgascar

Avenue of Baobabs, Madgascar Another HDR I took. The clouds were amazing. I may spend some more time tweaking these to make them look a little better.

Louise at the Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

Louise at the Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar HDR from three exposures. f/9, 1/160, ISO 200. 17.0mm.

Zebu Cart

Zebu Cart, Madagascar (HDR) Louise and I just returned from a two month vacation/honeymoon. The first month was spent in East Africa, unicycling about 550km from Nairobi, Kenya to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The tour was organized through a kiwi group called Escape Adventures. I took a lot of photos when in East Africa, but concentrated on doing a lot of video of the unicycling, and I hope to put together a little documentary on the adventure. I also took a lot of notes on the adventure; mainly so I can remember what was happening. The second month was spent... [read more]

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