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Archive for March, 2009

The latest unicycle handle

I’ve been using my newest unicycle handle for quite a while, and I’m really happy with it. I’ve designed it to fit my geared KH24, and I want to make a newer version that fits on my carbon fiber seatbase for my geared KH36. Maybe I’ll get around to it sometime soon, but for now, here’s the existing one. Side view: Top view: top view detail of front bar ends, with brake adapter. The brake won’t fit on the bar ends, so I created an adapter: The close bar ends are my “power grips” for climbing steep hills and riding... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: The carpeted upstairs guest room

The remodeling project continues! We ordered carpet after I finished painting the built-in dresser frames. Unfortunately it was a big ordeal when we went through Home Depot. the color and manufacturer that happened to make the stainmaster carpet we wanted had a two week lead time. No problem. Two weeks later they call us and said they made it but didn’t pass inspection. We figured that was okay, and just decided to stick with it. Two weeks further on they called again and said the same thing! So, at this point we picked out a different color/kind that was manufactured... [read more]

My treehouse fell down!

Well, a few weeks ago it finally happened. My treehouse fell down! Well, not entirely; about 3/4 of the floor fell out. I took a few pictures with my iPhone; I’ll probably be going back in a week or so to do more cleanup and scavenging. Here’s a view from the ground, looking up at the treehouse. The sink is literally hanging by a thread (the pipes!): A view from inside the treehouse: Another view from underneath: The floor fell down and rotated on top of the things in the treehouse: So, what happened? Well, a few weeks ago we... [read more]

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