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Ride the Lobster Unicycle Race: It’s over!

Well, Louise and I had a great week riding our unicycles at a maddening pace throughout Nova Scotia.

Final results are here:

My team, Texacali, placed third overall! (out of 35 teams). I’m quite amazed as we didn’t set out to really be competitive. I was figuring it would be cool to be in the top 10, but to make it to third was just amazing. A big thanks goes out to my teammates, AJ and Kevin, and a huge thanks to our support person, Sondra, who we couldn’t have done it without.

I also ended up getting second in the Time Trials — that’s 2nd out of 105 people racing against the clock. I’m quite amazed that I placed so high. Chuck beat me by quite a bit, which I wasn’t surprised by, since he is a powerful rider.

Pictures are slowly rolling in from various places. I’m putting mine up here:

Roland has been putting his here:

With some of the ones with me in it:

Pictures from Carl:

With my favorite being this one, copied below (thanks Carl!!)

I still have some more pictures to upload, but I was more focused on riding than using the camera.

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