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Flickr Photo Download: Bass with high ISO

High ISO. Red lights. Dark Room. Hard to take pictures. Cool effect. 3 Leg Torso. [From Flickr Photo Download: Bass with high ISO]

T-Rex electric “cars”

T-Rex came by apple yesterday and gave some rides in their new cars, due out in 2008. The cars are pretty cool, and they have an electric version which I rode in. It was pretty darn fast, and handled really well. Approximate specs: $60k (electric), $50k (gas), 150 mpc (miles per charge), 6? hour charge time (I may have remembered that wrong), moto license required. Not quite a tesla, but still pretty neat. I don’t know if they are worth the cost. At $60k they will be more of a luxury item. To hit the consumer market, then need to... [read more]

Halloween…a few pictures

Louise and I went out with Nate, Kristi and Pacos to downtown santa cruz. Here’s some pics: Nate, Kristi and Pacos Nate, Kristi and Pacos Louise (frog girl) and Corbin (banana man) Louise (frog girl) and Corbin (banana man) Louise (frog girl) and Corbin (banana man)

Leopard: PhotoSearch demo app now live

PhotoSearch, a demo app I wrote for WWDC a few years ago, is now live: It demonstrates some cool custom cell stuff that is only available on Leopard.

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