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Project Hutchinson: Stained deck! (well, some of it)

Louise and I stained a lot of the deck last weekend. I did most all the railings on Saturday/Sunday, and on Sunday afternoon we did the planks together (I sprayed while she brushed). Looks GREAT!

Click on pics for fullsize

I’m going to do the house soon….

3 Responses to “Project Hutchinson: Stained deck! (well, some of it)”

  1. Brian says:

    Looks amazing, great job guys!

  2. corbin says:

    cool thanks! Hopefully we’ll have a “deck warming party” and you can see it for real..

  3. Jess says:

    That is a sexy DECK!!! Corbin I wish I could make it to muni weekend and enjoy the fruits of your labor! On a different note, I was able to borrow a muni today here in Lyon (borrow for 3 months!), so maybe I’ll be doing some muni in spirit of CMW this weekend :). Oh yeah, and have a blast this weekend !

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