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Archive for September, 2007

Project Hutchinson: more work on the deck, and wiring.

The deck has a railing!: Last night I spent a bunch of time scrubbing it to get the redwood tannin marks off (the black marks). You can see it is still a little wet. I also did the electrical underneath; it is bright as day under there! (no pics yet).

Louise went to Scotland and the only camera she had was her iPhone

… and all her iPhone pictures are here: — check them out, as you will be quite surprised at what the 2 mega pixel camera on the iPhone can do! Some highlights/favorites of mine: This guy has a duct tape license plate! LOL Just funny… Submersible cars only. Louise said “look it’s steaming!!!” … i guess it is! I want my gravestone to be like this. Louise said “NO”.

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