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A greener apple

I’m an advocate for greener companies, and I’m happy to announce that the company I work for is striving for greener technology:

Spread the word.

2 Responses to “A greener apple”

  1. Brian says:

    I like that Apple has taken a proactive approach to environ-friendlyness, I think it will benefit them in the long run. As of a couple years ago companies shipping any electronics to the EU were required to go lead free and eventually ROHS. That kinda forced the hands of most electronics companies which is a good thing overall I think. They even require this stupid little logo of a garbage can with an X over it, because apparently Europeans will throw everything in the rubbish bin unless it has that logo on it. Most companies are reactive and will only change their etched in stone policies when forced to.

  2. Volker says:


    that logo is not for the customers to know they can’t throw it to the regular rubbish , but mainly that they know it is RoHS compliant. It also serves for tracking products that should be RoHS compliant, but are not. It is rather easy to print that on your device, but sadly rather hard to get certified, which you have to be for every single EU country independently :-(


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