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Mac OS X tip: Apps in your Finder Toolbar!

Here is a very cool tip that I discovered from one of hour HI guys. You can put apps in your toolbar! For instance, I frequently drag files to TextEdit to open them. Having them in the toolbar is handy in case they aren’t in the Dock or I don’t want to drag too far:

Apps In Finder

To do this, right click on your toolbar (or ctrl-click if you don’t have a Mighty Mouse) and select “Customize Toolbar…”. Now, here is the trick; open up another Finder window and browse to the apps that you want to add to the toolbar. Simply drag them there, and they will stick! Very cool.

3 Responses to “Mac OS X tip: Apps in your Finder Toolbar!”

  1. Paul Kim says:

    Actually, you don’t need to do “Customize Toolbar…”. Just drag any file (app or otherwise) up to that blank space. It’s a tad fidgety so you may need to drag around until you get the rectangle outline indicating the drop point.

    Also, it sometimes helps to have the toolbar show icon & text. I have a bunch of commonly accessed folders up there and I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart otherwise.

  2. Stephane says:

    Hmm, this feature has been available since at least 10.2.

    The only big difference is that before the sidebar UI (10.2 and earlier) anyone could simply find how to do this. Now you have to use a trick (on 10.2, you can just drag and drop any item to add it to the toolbar without having to go to the Customize options).

    The Finder is regressing sometimes…

  3. corbin says:

    Stephane: yup! I started with 10.3, so I never knew about this trick.

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