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Here are me and Louise’s new pet bunnies, Ada and Lily:

Img 4337

Img 4338

Img 4340

Img 4347

Img 4351

Img 4356

Img 4359

3 Responses to “bunnies!”

  1. Pierre says:


    I hope you let them roam around the house. Rabbits don’t like being locked in a cage.

    I build a special piece of furniture that combines a bed (for us humans) with a shelf and some space for the rabbits. They may go beneath the bed, into the part of the shelf that’s behind the head of the bed and on the shelf level just above the head of the bed. For that they have staircases on both sides of the bed leading both onto the bed and the first open level of the shelf. The space behind the bed also has a build in staircase leading outside. Guess I should blog about it. When I build that I hadn’t a blog yet.

  2. corbin says:

    my girlfriend would love a bed like that! i’ll have to get on top of making one..

  3. TIFFANY says:

    love bunnies u make them look soooooooo cute love the pictures

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