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Archive for April, 2006

Old muni pictures from Robert

Turn your head sideways ;)

Muddy Coker Muni ride from April 2nd

Hi all, Nathan put up some pictures on his website of a Coker ride we did in Santa Cruz a few weeks ago. Nathan Hoover photo galleries – powered by smugmug.

Cocoa: modal NSColorPanel dialog.

Hi all, I’ve seen some people request how to do a modal color panel. Well, carbon has GetColor(..) which ultimately uses the same NSColorPanel. So, you can set it to begin a modal session before you call GetColor(..). Here’s a code snippet: #import <Carbon/Carbon.h> – (IBAction)buttonClick:(id)sender {     NSColorPanel *colorPanel = [NSColorPanel sharedColorPanel];     NSModalSession session = [NSApp beginModalSessionForWindow:colorPanel];          RGBColor inColor = {128, 128, 128};     RGBColor outColor = {0, 0, 0};     Point point = {0, 0};     if (GetColor(point, “\p”, &inColor, &outColor)) {         NSColor *color... [read more]

Hi there…I’m poison oak!

I thought this was funny: we saw this while in big sur last weekend.

Moab Mountain Unicycle Festival

Some pictures of me at the Moab Mountain Unicycle Festival a few weeks ago. (Moab Muni Fest). From Jess: From spencer’s mom. Moab videos (not of me, but I was there): Tom’s Photos: Louise, only rider. Nathan: Group gathering, with me..others.. Louise.. Me…gray shirt.

Big Sur

I went to big sur last weekend, with my friend Chris Bensen and some of his friends. Check out the pictures. I really enjoy marco photography.

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