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Xcode shortcuts to finding a file.

Cocoa Developers:

While programming with Xcode, I’ve developed several habits to make me a faster programmer. I’ll share these tidbits with you.

1. Use Cmd-Shift-D to quickly open files that you know the names to.

I’ll know that I want to open a particular file, such as NSTableView.m. So, I hit cmd-shift-d to bring up the “Open Quicky” dialog and type in nstableview (note that I don’t use the correct case, or extension, and it still works):

Tableview-Cmd-Shift-Dpicture 1

This will work for framework header files too.

2. Use Cmd-Alt-UpArrow to switch from the header to the implementation file. I use this ALL the time.

3. Use Cmd-Alt-F to focus the search field. Once it is focused, hit the down arrow to pop up the menu, and the up arrow once to select your project name (then hit enter):

Cmd-Shift-F-Focused-Picture 1

You can then search through all your files using the search field. This works particular well when you can’t remember the full filename.

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