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Photography: Great tree pictures from Castle Rock

Last weekend, I took a trip up to Castle Rock state park. It is a popular climbing destination, and there is some gorgeous scenery. I went by myself, and brought my camera along with my climbing shoes strapped to my waist. I put up a gallery for some of the best photos here: Corbin’s Pictures – Castle Rock – January 2005. I’ll highlight a few of my favorites.

Here is a cool picture of a very mossy branch:

Thumb Img 2092

In the gallery, you can see a few pictures before and after it giving different perspectives. I was quite happy with this one, and the full size image looks pretty good.

This picture displays some of the gorgeous green moss that exists at Castle Rock:

Thumb Img 2117

The photo almost looks fake, and the greens are so vibrant.

This photo is another good picture:

Thumb Img 2170

I really like mossy tree tops!

There are several other good pictures in the gallery. Be sure to take a look!

2 Responses to “Photography: Great tree pictures from Castle Rock”

  1. Jerrel McQwen says:

    Some really nice composition. Got a good eye for balance. A good camera helps, but an ability to frame interesting shots is what really makes the difference.

  2. Jillian says:

    I agree, good balance and composition. The subject sells the viewer.

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